Studio 5 Love List: April

Studio 5 reveals what local items made this month’s Studio 5 Love List.

Camera Strap Covers

Ever get bored of just your boring leather camera strap…spice it up! This is an easy way to customize your camera. Plus, no more leather strap irritating and digging into your neck – these are so much more comfortable and unique!

Photographer Kelly Howe created more than 15 designs, so you are sure to find one that fits your style! Most of the strap covers are cotton fabric on one side and then a super soft minky on the other. They slip right over your camera strap and are very durable and machine washable. A new feature that has become very popular is the “add-on lens cap pocket”. It is a pocket sewn right into the strap where you can store your lens cap when you are using your camera. That way you won’t lose it and it is so convenient!

To check out more of her designs, visit:

Swim Rosettas

After swimsuit shopping and not finding anything her style, designer Tami Jeppson decided that we accessorize everything else, so why not create an accessory for swimsuits? That’s how she got the idea for Swim Rosettas. They are made with a Brooch pin as well as a Hair Clip so you can wear them in your hair or at the pool as well. They look stylish on anyone from infants to women. They are the perfect way to update that basic black, stand-by solid colored suit. Made of swimsuit material, they can wear with you in or out of the water!

For more information on swim rosettas and Tami’s other creations visit: or

Unique Utah Posters

Jenna Rammell, a stay-at-home mom and creator of Q.A. Designs, is a self-proclaimed blogging addict. She originally took up Photoshop as a creative hobby to design unique blog headers, but soon enough friends & family were calling on her for design work. It was just a few months ago that this little hobby became a full-throttle business!

A native herself, she has always loved growing up at the foot of Utah’s beautiful mountains. Taking direct inspiration from pride she has for the Beehive state, she created the “I heart Utah” print as a way to display that love in her home. This design has developed in to ten other unique state prints (and counting), which can be found in her Etsy Shop.

Find more of Jenna’s designs here: or
Flower Headband

Snippety Clippets began with the gift of a flower and a necklace from Caryn (the mom) to
Chandi (the daughter) late last fall. Chandi wore them out and about town, and several friends
and strangers asked where they could get one. Before you knew it Caryn and Chandi were taking

They have a line of flowers to clip or pin into your hair, on a scarf, lapel, shirt, belt,
purse, or shoes. They also have a line of necklaces and headbands.

Snippety Clippets headbands can be purchased at: UME in Ogden, THE PORCH in Springville, THE CORNER STATION in Fairview in San Pete County to name a few. The prices range from $9.00 to $32.00

To learn more about them, see more of them, or place a special order, visit or email:

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