Studio 5 Love List: June

Minky Blankies for grown-ups, by Minky Couture

Price: $65 – $140. Special orders welcome.

Minky Couture was created in the fall of 2009 in South Ogden, UT. When creating Minky Couture we realized that not only do newborns love a luxurious blanket, so do adults & tweens. With that in mind, Minky Couture has taken blankets to a whole new level. We offer them in every size: infant, Tween, Adult, and now by special request a Monster Minky. Minky Couture offers an irresistibly soft blanket that is perfect for any occasion, whether it be snuggling with your newborn, off to grandmas for the weekend, or simply relaxing after a long day Minky Couture is your escape in luxury. We would like to invite anyone watching to receive 25% off any order. Go to our website and place STUDIO5 as a discount code.

Bohemian Cuffs

Prices: $15-$35

Contact: Jennifer Reed at (801)

Jennifer Reed creates one of a kind accessories and gifts out of her Utah County studio. She dabbles in vintage mixed media collage style cuffs, crowns and charm necklaces.

Linen Clutches, by Tattered Bits

Price: $12

Contact: Jeni at

Tattered Bits is made by a Utah designer and began with a tiny notecard and a friendship. Now it includes different paper products, fabric ruffle purses, ruffle clutches, tea towels, and tablecloths. Linda Staton and Jeni Carlson team up to create this French-inspired look.

Felted Wool Gifts, by Kelly Henderson Designs

Prices: From $15-$50

Find at Just a Bed of Roses boutique in Farmington, or All Tucked In, Bountiful. Contact Kelly directly through her blog:

Kelly Henderson Designs are handcrafted gifts for children and mamas. Each item is handcrafted and is my original design. I try to incorporate lots of recycling into my creations. Repurposed wools and fabrics, vintage trims and even old jewelry make their way into my designs. Very often I will find an old sweater or blouse, fall in love with the color, texture, or design and from there an idea will pop into my mind. Then that old sweater or blouse will become anything from a pillow, nursery accessory, play toy, or scarf– to mention just a few of the things I like to make! It just depends on the day… I absolutely love that old quote about “making silk purses out of sow’s ears” And I love taking something old and giving it a new lease on life–and I love to see my gifts make someone smile. I spend my days working from my home studio in Farmington, Utah rummaging around stacks of wools and in between I’m usually making peanut butter sandwiches or running to a kid’s baseball game.

Custom-made Swim Suits

Billiejo Clothing Co.

271 N University Ave Provo, UT. 801-373-4144.

Price: $80 custom-made suit

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