Studio 5 Photography Review: Daisy Grip

We use squeaky toys, stuffed animals, even keys to make our kids smile for pictures, but with the latest photo gadget, you can free up your hands and still get the little ones’ attention. At least, that’s what the product claims.

Photographer Kate Pease tried out the new “Daisy Grip” and is ready to dish details.

Anyone who has even taken a photo of a child has probably used a puppet or stuffed animal to get their attention. Now they can free up their hands by placing the puppet/stuffed animal directly on the camera using the Daisy Grip. For DSLR’s, it slides right into the hot shoe mount, and it can also mount to point and shoot cameras. The daisy grip is a product that is only about a year old and was invented by a couple who run a children’s portrait studio. This year it received the professional photographers association’s “hot one” award for the “Best Posing Tool”.

But to get a genuine smile using the daisy grip, you can’t just tell the child “look at the puppet!” You have to make the puppet come alive. Kids love stories, so if you pretend that their favorite stuffed animal is being eaten by a scary octopus, and the longer the kid looks at it, the more free it will become, they will look in the direction of the camera with suspense, wonderment, and surprise, which will make for wonderful expressions in the camera. Kids also love it when the puppet acts a little bit naughty. For example, the puppet is so naughty for sitting on the camera. Does he need a time out? I think he does! The kids can’t help but smile when something silly goes to time out.

For a last resort when the child is tired, you can have the daisy grip hold your phone to play their favorite video. Their eyes will be in the direction of the camera and you can get that last shot you were hoping for.

Daisy Grip is offering Studio 5 viewers 20% off using the promo code KATEPEASE on their website

Kate is also giving away two daisy grips on her blog

Kate Pease is a portrait and wedding photographer based in Northern Utah. website: Blog: Facebook:

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