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Studio 5’s At-Home Activity Plan: Explore Our Earth

It’s a walk on the wonderful side to think of this amazing spinning globe we call home. With four simple activities, knowledge of natural creation will increase. And your heart? It might burst. Give the blue planet a hug with us.

Credit goes to Anne Carey for this collection. She develops hands-on STEAM experiences for children at her website, Theme: Earth.  One of the easiest, yet most interesting things to explore and learn about is the Earth beneath our feet. It’s free and always available.


At-Home Activity Plan: Earth


Melted Crayon Earth Rocks


Layers of the Earth Pudding Cups

Media Moments

BBC Planet Earth video series 

Earth coloring page

Planet board game

Out & About

Head out into the back yard, the beach, or the park and explore, observe, even test the soil.

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