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Studio 5’s At-Home Activity Plan: Ring in Spring With Rainbows

“We’ve picked rainbows because they brighten even the cloudiest days.” That’s the message from the team at Handmade Charlotte, who curated an all-new At-Home Activity Plan for Studio 5.

We can’t think of a happier theme. Talk about rainbows, play with rainbows, and we hope you see one this spring!

At-Home Activity Plan: Rainbows

Craft Connection

Paper Plate Rainbow Puppet

We love this project because the supplies needed are super minimal, so you probably already have everything you need at home. After kids make the craft, they’ll have so much fun playing, dancing, and putting on puppet shows with their rainbow puppets. A simple, DIY toy is always a great idea in our books!

Snack Break

Simple Rainbow Smoothie Recipe

We’re always encouraged to eat the rainbow, and this is exactly that! Candies and sugary treats definitely come in rainbow colors, but we love this smoothie recipe as a healthy snack that’s both tasty and beautiful to look at. Plus, kids will love helping you make the rainbow layers in your glasses.

Media Moment

Rainbow Yoga

Introducing kids to yoga and mindfulness is so important and can be a huge help for so many different reasons. We love this video as a way to get kids to slow down a little while moving their bodies!

Out-and-About Activity

Backyard/Neighborhood Observation Walk

Everyone loves a good game of I Spy, and this is a similar idea. In your own backyard or on a walk around your neighborhood (as long as you’re keeping a safe distance away from others) encourage kids to look out for items in all colors of the rainbow, both in nature and man-made. Work your way through red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple and have kids write or draw their findings in a notebook.

Find a complete list of free online resources here. Click here to find more of our full activity plans.

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