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Studio 5’s At-Home Activity Plan: Detective for a Day

A new Disney Junior TV show is our inspiration for an all-new Studio 5 At-Home Activity Plan.  It’s a detective show, for kids!  And, it’s an ideal springboard for a day of sleuthing, problem-solving, and imagination.

Kindergarten teacher Lyndsi Frandsen submits today’s collection of ideas and freebies on this theme.  She writes, “My kids absolutely love creating their own mysteries. Between my police officer obsessed 5-year old, and my Nancy Drew loving 8-year old, this is the perfect theme to engage everyone in the house.”

At- Home Activity Plan: Detectives for a Day

Craft Connection:

Secret Codes

Wind up your little secret agents by trying to crack some secret codes. Decode numbers and letters. Or try to unlock a cryptogram. These secret messages are fun to swap back and forth. Secret code decoding will help with handwriting for older kids, and practicing letter-names with younger children.

Out & About Activity

Uncovering Clues

Crack out a magnifying glass, and some kitchen tools to discover hidden clues in a creative outside activity. The “clues” are embedded in a block of ice! Have your child use warm water and various gadgets to uncover them.


-small toys (legos, action figures, etc.)

-tupperware containers, plastic cups, bowls, etc. (a variety of sizes)

-gadgets from the kitchen (utensils, strainer, pipettes, ladles, measuring cups, etc.)

-food coloring (optional)

Directions:  The night before, place the small manipulatives inside the various containers, fill them with water, place them in the freezer.

Snack Break


Finish up a day of detective work by popping popcorn for a snack. You’ll need it for your at-home movie premiere.

Media Moment

Special Detective Show

Flipping the channel to a new television series. “Mira, Royal Detective” just launched on Disney Junior, and on your Disney Plus app. Give it a watch!

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