Studio 5’s Summer Party Games

Forget about the typical party games you play during the summer. Studio
5 has found some fun outdoor party games that will make your party the
talk of the summer season!

Grab some friends and get ready to play some new versions of games you
likely haven’t tried before.

Kan Jam

There’s no better bonding experience than a friendly, competitive bout of
some backyard games, and you can start with some items around the
house: Frisbees and Trashcans. The game is called Kan Jam; it’s a
combination of horseshoes and a beanbag toss.

What you need: One frisbee and 2 buckets/trashcans for each team.

How to play: First, divide up into teams of two. Teammates stand at
opposite ends of the lawn/field and take turns throwing the frisbee towards
the goal (in this case the bucket or trashcan, you can even use a cardboard
box). One point is awarded when a teammate redirects the disc to hit the
goal before hitting the ground. You can get a deuce when the thrower hits
the side of the goal from 50 feet away without a teammate’s help. Three
points are awarded for alley-oops, when the disc is tipped or dunked into
the goal. If the thrower manages to get the disc inside the goal without
any help, it’s an obvious, instant win.

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Angry Bird – LIVE

You’ve probably overcome your obsession with playing Angry Birds on your
iPhone, but you will need to feed that hunger once you’ve done it in real
life! Just use those extra cardboard boxes or head to the grocery store and
ask for theirs and start setting up your battlefield!

What you need: 3-person Water Balloon Launcher (available online or in
stores at Big 5 Sporting Goods or Sports Authority), 4-square balls, bouncy
balls from a dollar store, cardboard boxes. Feel free to decorate the balls to
look like the birds and the pigs!

How to play: Set up a tower of cardboard boxes and set the green balls
(that represent the pigs) throughout your cardboard tower. Now it’s time to
attack! Get two people to hold the launcher in place. Take one of your
angry bird 4-square balls and launch it at the little green pigs. Keep score
and have fun!

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Fruit Ninja

And finally, fruit ninja! You can try and slice flying fruit in the air, or you
can try a more kid-friendly version with scalp-massagers and water
balloons. Test your hand-eye coordination and see how much Ninja is
inside of you!

What you need: scalp massagers (available at Walgreens) and water

How to play: Throw water balloons at the “ninja” and see how many “fruits”
he or she can slice! Create different levels. For instance, Level 1 (easy) can
be one water balloon tossed every 5 seconds; Level 2 can be one water
balloon tossed every 2 seconds; Level 3 can be two water balloons thrown
every second; etc.

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