Studio H20 Salon: Back to the Future Hairstyles


Even though the calendar seems to creep up on hair styles, you don’t have to look older with some great ideas from Studio H2O Salon.

First of all, remember there are really flattering styles no matter what age you are. These styles can enhance your natural beauty but allow you to age gracefully. What you must consider, however, is your hair type, the shape of your face and are you a high- or low-maintenance type of girl (that is, do you have time to spend an hour a day getting your hair ready to go or do you have a few minutes to shape it up).

Jessie suggests the following for each look:

The Young person can wear harsh fringes, darker colors and geometric shapes with no layers necessary. . Lucky for you this is the time you can experiment. You can cut, dye and style as much as you want. Pick styles that fit your personal style. Just remember to think about where you’ll be wearing that style. If you’re at school, you can be freer with your expression. However, if you’re working in a law office, don’t choose spiky, multicolor tresses to make you stand out like a sore thumb.

The Middle-aged 30 and 40 year old, has changes in her life. She can incorporte lots of movement with long layers but can use any color. Marriage and children affect this age group, but you don’t have to wear a typical “mommy” style. And if you work, here’s another consideration. You can have sexy waves, wear medium length layered hair or even have a pixie, if it wears well on your face. Just remember, at this time, it’s best to have a style that not only looks good but is easy to manage. You’ve got a lot going on so extra curling and primping may not be part of your plan.

The Mature Look also has a number of style options. Short, flattering layers, lighter, softer colors and no harsh lines are recommended by H2O. Layers work no matter what length of hair you have. Flat and close-cropped styles may make you look more severe and older so go for styles that softly frame your face. Maintain a good hair care routine and if you like you can dye those gray hairs, although gray is good if you have the right style.

H20 Salon wants to select three viewers to change their hair styles… if you’d like to enter, go to, and put your name, address, phone number and age and tell why you’d like to change your style. We’ll pick three winners, one from each age group, to come in Tuesday, April 1 and reveal their new ‘do. Entries must be emailed no later than Thursday, March 27, at 5 PM.


Visit Studio H2O Salon at the Gateway. They’re located next to the Megaplex 12 theatres. For an appointment call (801) 456-4247.

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