Kid to Kid: Recycling That Pays

Kid to Kid stores recycled over four million children’s products last year. Now you can get paid to recycle your kid’s stuff. Last year alone, Utah families earned over $1,200,000 for their recycling efforts. You can, too.


When you think about recycling, the first thing that comes to mind is aluminum cans, plastic and paper. You don’t really think about kid’s stuff – and you surely don’t think about getting paid for those things. You can recycle at Kid to Kid. The best way to recycle is to re-use things, and that’s what Kid to Kid is all about. At KiD to KiD they pay cash up front for your like-new kids’ and maternity items. We buy clothing, toys, baby equipment, cribs, strollers, books – all kinds of things a growing child uses.

That’s a big variety of things. How does Kid to Kid know how much to pay for an item?
Their computerized appraisal system helps them determine the resale value of your items. The computer tells them what they should try to sell it for, and how much they can pay for it. Selling your kid’s stuff is not a get rich quick scheme, but it feels good to get something back for the things your child loved and took good care of. And it feels even better to know that some other child can use and love it too.

Do you pay cash?

Parents can take their payment in cash or earn 20% more if they take payment in-store credit. About half of their customers choose store credit so they can shop for “replacements” at a really great price. They often find things in their child’s new size that are as cute or cuter than the ones they sold.

Arielle is the only girl in her family, so she sells her clothes to Kid to Kid as soon as she outgrows them. Her mom keeps a running credit in the store so when she finds something cute they just use their store credit, so it seems like it’s getting it for free!

What kinds of things do you pay the most for?

The Kid to Kid buyer program pays the most for high demand equipment items. And the more current your things are, the higher the demand. For example, if your baby outgrew a current model Fisher Price Jumperoo, you’d get paid more than you would for an older model. So for most things, it pays to recycle it as soon as you’re finished using it.

It’s kind of like a used car BLUE BOOK. Car dealers look at things like how old it is, mileage, how clean it is, and whether it has scratches or dents to determine whether you get low or high blue book.

The Kid to Kid system is similar. Items in like-new condition with very little wear and tear are like low mileage cars and are worth more. So if you’ve got a car seat or high chair, it pays to clean it up before you bring it in. That way, they can price it so you’ll receive the most money.

With clothes, they’re only able to take current styles, and they can’t have “scratches or dents.” They’ve got to look pretty new. The Kid to Kid buyer program allows them to pay a higher percentage for name brand and designer clothing. Some of the highest demand brands for older kids include Abercrombie, Hollister, Limited Too and Justice.

Check out a favorite spring coat originally coming from Children’s Place, but was recycled through Kid to Kid. The darling pink Limited Too skirt is an example of the types of fashions Kid to Kid loves to buy. And don’t forget that they also buy shoes – if they’re still in great condition.

Toys are another great item to reuse and recycle. Quality brand toys like Fisher Price and Little Tikes are tough to wear out – so they can usually last through several kids. Toys need to have all the pieces so they’re still fun to play with and be in good working condition. Their highest demand toys include things like indoor slides, play kitchens, spring horses and Little People sets.

To find one of the Kid to Kid locations near you, visit their website at for more information.

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