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Style File: Spring Essentials Every Woman Needs

Athelia Woolley with Shabby Apple reveals the spring essentials every woman needs.


Style File: Spring Essentials

1. Trench Coat

From Coco Channel to Katie Holmes, the trench coat has spanned the decades as a spring classic. Essential for a cold, blustery day, this piece also makes any outfit immediately stylish. You can opt for many different versions of this classic: different colors, different buttons etc, but, there are a few things to look for when buying a trench coat. 1) Make sure the coat fits you well in the shoulders, chest and waist area. 2) Look for double-breasted styles. They are more classic and will be in style for a long time from now. 3) Make sure there is a belt at the waist. This will flatter most figures!

Style File: Spring Essentials

2. Ballet Flats

It is no longer winter boot season, but it is too early to wear sandals. Celebrate the spring weather with a pair of flirty ballet flats! Comfortable to wear and easy to walk in, these are a stylish day-wear alternative to both pumps and tennis shoes. A few tips on finding the right pair. 1) Make sure the soles are flexible to allow for easy walking. 2) You don’t need to spend too much money. Many companies offer an inexpensive ballet flats that are no different from its more pricey cousins. 3) Don’t be afraid to go bright!!

Style File: Spring Essentials

3. Florals

No, these are not your grandmother’s! Florals are really in this season, but they are also classic for spring. Big bright florals are always fun, but if this is too much for you, opt for smaller patterns in muted colors.

Style File: Spring Essentials

4. Short-Sleeved Cardigan

Spring is notorious for producing mercurial weather. This can leave you constantly feeling too warm or breaking out in goose bumps. To solve this problem, we suggest layering, layering and more layering. Use a short-sleeve cardigan over a long-sleeve top to keep you warm but still make a fashion-statement. Contrast colors to make the outfit interesting and fun.

Style File: Spring Essentials

5. Rain Boots

These do NOT have to be clunky and boring. Necessary for spring’s inevitable showers, these can also be a fun way to spruce up an outfit. Many companies make brightly-colored rain boots with fun designs. A fun polka-dotted or plaid print can spice up any outfit. Another suggestion is to wear patterned knee-high socks underneath.

Style File: Spring Essentials

6. Bright Colors

The time for wearing black and grey ends in February. Spring is the time for color and the brighter the better. Each wardrobe must have at least one brightly-colored outfit. The fuchsia color brightens up here face and any room she walks into. Yellows, turquoise, orange, don’t be afraid to look cheerful! One tip on wearing bright colors: make sure to stay within your preferred color palate. If you look good in red tones but bad in yellow, stay with the reds.


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