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Style File: 5 power casual outfits with comfort and class

Power casual is the style trend you can wear from work to the grocery store.

For two years, we were all about what’s comfortable. Then we got excited to get dressed again. And now the style pendulum seems to have stopped somewhere in the middle, with a new fashion genre known as “power casual.”

Studio 5 Style & Fashion Contributor Casey Matheny shows us how to wear it!

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­­­­­­­­­­­­­5 Power Casual Outfits

Whether you’re going back into the office full-time or taking Zoom calls from home, we need to get dressed up again but still want comfort as a key component. Thankfully, dressing up and comfort can co-exist in the office now. It has a name! This look and style is now known as “Work Leisure” or “Power Casual.”

We’re looking at softer and stretchy fabrics, lower heels, unstructured tops and elasticized pants.

Here are five ways to channel the new “Power Casual” vibe:

  1. Jumpsuit & Heels: A laid back jumpsuit with strappy heels instantly looks effortless and polished. Use accessories like bold earrings or a colored heel to bring in some flavor.


  1. Elasticized Pant: Look for pants that look luxe and elevated. Waistbands can be elastic or paper bag style. Pair with a silk blouse and nice pointy-toe flats for a polished look.


  1. Denim, Neutral Graphic Tee and Blazer: Bring some personality and creativity into your look while still feeling appropriate and polished. Wear a slight heeled sandal to further elevate.


  1. The dress: For most industries, gone are the days of wearing a stuffy, structured dress. Now, a minimalist, more comfortable dress can be worn if matched with appropriate shoes and accessories. You can keep it monochrome or bring a subtle pattern.


  1. Loose Statement Top + Simple, Tailored Trousers: Post-pandemic, work shirts are looking less tailored and more unstructured, but that doesn’t mean sloppy. Be aware of your proportions (if loose on top, go more tailored on bottom) Find a top in a fun pattern and keep your pants neutral.


Casey Matheny is the Studio 5 Style and Fashion Contributor. She is a personal wardrobe stylist and digital media producer of her growing fashion YouTube channel. For more information visit www.caseymatheny.com.

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