Style File: “Basic to Bold” Brows

From basic to bold, Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone explains how to achieve the perfect brow.

What is the most communicative part of the face but often the most forgotten? The brows! They frame the eyes and emphasize mood expressions. They can be flattering or frightening. And often they must be tamed or managed. Beware of trendy brow shapes and sizes. The most enduring and beautiful brow is known as the Classic Brow.


This brow shapeis determined by the proportionate distance of the outside corner of the nose in relation to the brow. Using a straight guide (a make-up brush works perfectly) put the brush up against the outside bottom corner of your nose and line the brush along the inside of the eye. That is where your brow should start. Next, looking straight ahead, find the outside of the pupil and line up the brush at that angle. This is where the high point of your brow arch should be. Last, line the brush up against the nose and the outside corner of the eye. This is where your brow should end. Most people’s brow stops a little short. But never fear, there are many options for creating the perfect frame to your “windows to the soul”


We pluck a chicken, but we tweeze a brow. Tweezing allows precise accuracy in achieving the shape you desire. To avoid redness or swelling, place an ice cube in a thin cotton cloth and hold against brow for 3 minutes. This numbs the area and minimizes the blood flow which creates redness. You can purchase stencils which give you the ideal shape for your brows.

Holly’s Product Pick: Tweezers
Sephora Arch It Brow Kit $35 (comes with brow gel, tweezers, brow color and angle detailing brush)


Most salons offer the service. The detail to pay attention to is your stylists vision for the end result. Have her draw what your brow will look like so that you are sure you are comfortable with her shaping. Also have them shade in the area they will be waxing. Or, you can do this yourself.

Holly’s Product Pick: Do-it-Yourself Waxing
Anastasia Mini Wax Kit Nordstrom $12


Beauty slang has this shaping service often referred to as “brow flossing” because the thread used in this technique strongly resembles dental floss. This process entails wrapping the floss at the root of the hair to remove. Noted as the least painful of all shaping options, this process originated in India. It is fast, relatively painless and surprisingly accurate-when done by a professional.

Service at destination spas and specialty salons.
Price ranges from $15-35


To help condition over-tweezed, thinning brows: Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum $36

If you don’t have full brows but want a fuller frame for your eyes, use this duo for the most natural un-made-up made up brows. The colors are perfect and the wax sets the powder in place: Smashbox Brow Tech $24.

Pencils, powders and gels are selected by personal preference only and are done usually by the individual. You can also go to a hair stylist and have them color your brows much the same way they color hair. The end result of all these methods is generally the same.

Color should be selected 2-3 shades darker than your hair color if your hair is blonde or light brown, and should match your hair color if hair is dark brown or black. If hair is grey, taupe is the best option.

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