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Grant Pettingill from Design Elite, Wedding and Event Planners shares some of the hot trends you can expect to see at the show.

Lighting the way
Create your fairytale wedding with theatrical lighting and decor

Imagine being transported to a forest at sunset, surrounded by trees and foliage set against a rich amber glow. Or envision a ballroom with a glowing ice tower under a blanket of stars, set amid columns of light.
For designers, theatrical lighting and decor is a mainstay. Not only can they transform an ordinary event into an extraordinary affair, but lighting and decor are also an economical way to create ambience and style. The spectrum of colors and design possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas to get you started.

• Use a gobo
Gobos are monograms or shapes projected through a lens with light onto a surface of your choice.

• Consider color washing
You can wash a wall with light in virtually any color.

• Use colored spotlights
Spotlights can be used in a number of ways. For instance, you can transform an ordinary chandelier into one in the color of your choice by simply concentrating the colored light directly into the chandelier.

• Where there is light, there is shadow!
Use dramatic shadows to create a sense of depth, warmth and mystery.

• Less is more
When it comes to theatrical decor, sometimes less is more — you want to give a room just enough drama to leave an impression.
By following a few easy rules, you can create a magical stage with just a few simple items. Here are some thoughts to consider.

• Make sure your guests know where to look
One or two great pieces of the proper scale are much better than many small, insignificant props.

• Layer our colors
Try working with many shades of the same color. You may enjoy a wasabi-green satin linen with a bowl of granny smith apples. Use the whole spectrum of your chosen color to create depth.

• Use well-placed accent decor
Pair a wall drapery with Chinese lanterns to give it an Asian influence.

Play up the differences
If your venue is an industrial space, give it an elegant look by mixing and matching different styles of decor to achieve an eclectic feel. The options are endless.

When it comes to your event, choosing to work with a lighting and decor professional can not only be very helpful but also save time and money. An experienced staff can take care of everything from the smallest detail such as linens and wedding bubbles, to the largest ones like power supply issues and necessary safety precautions.

In the end, the key to planning a memorable and enjoyable event is to “imagine the possibilities.”

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