Style File: Colors of Fall 2012

Call it the season of bold and beautiful! If there is one headline in the world of fall fashion, let this be it: color is king.

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone breaks down the hottest hues of the season, and how to wear them.

Leopards don’t eat tangerines, there is no grey on a Zebra but seeing a snake may cause you to turn bright green! As the fashion industry transitions into a new season, we say goodbye to gentle silhouette lines in soft colors and hello to tailored structure in stand-up-and-be-counted-color. Intimidated by the options? Throw caution to the wind and GO ALL OUT. A classically timeless animal print can actually ground these colors ushering in the season of the bold and the beast.

Bright Chartreuse

When in doubt, wear the bold below. If you are questioning the color but are drawn to explore, avoid wearing it close to face or mute it under a solid color jacket. The fashion industry has provided pairing “clues” with this neon green. Lizard or snake adds a naturalistic compliment.

Style Tip: Pair with the obvious because the unexpected will be the COLOR.

Shirt $9.95
Skirt $29.95
Belt $12.95
Clutch $7.95


Seem easy to do? Don’t be fooled. This color can be tricky to navigate for the simple fact that it can morph in between a dull purple and a questionable grey. It can also drab down your complexion if not in harmony with your personal coloring. That said don’t be tempted to pair this with this season’s pink rose smoke. That combination is expected. Pair this purple with the neutral purple-yes that’s right, the neutral purple-PLUM. Incorporate belts, jewelry and animal prints in the metals of the season French Roast Bronze and Titanium Steel.

Style Tip: Since this color can mute your skin tone, plan to do your make up in this season’s bold smoky eye and you are primed to step out in style!

Printed $29.90
Silk shirt $49.90
Pant $79.95
Belt $29.90
Necklace $34.90

Tangerine Tango

The RED of fall. Surprising is the fact that THIS shade of orange is flattering on most. Thank heavens for a resurgence of steely Titanium to help pull it all together. Zebra blacks and whites meets reptile graphic. And jewelry? Knock yourself out because today, you are wearing an orange with the POWER of red!

Style Tip: NO head to toe, with matchy-matchy accessories in this color. One statement piece, period.

Jacket $49.95
Shirt $17.95
Pant $12.395
Necklace $59.95

Olympian Blue, Pink Flambé

Colored skinny jeans give permission to play with the palette of fall and what better play than pink? Olympian Blue is the CORE color that actually transitions between ALL of the colors of this season. Since it can go with them all, have FUN and block out a happy outfit of your choice. And be sure to let a little leopard peek through.

Style Tip: This is the one color that you will see endure through the winter and even into spring. So although it’s the trend now, indulge in it because you can enjoy its beckoning allure far beyond the changing of the leaves.

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Sporty Trench $58.00
Blouse $38
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Necklace $32

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