Baby Buzz: 2012 Outerwear Trends

Get the designer looks at a discounted price all while keeping your kid right on trend!

Studio 5 Contributor Lyndsi Frandsen breaks down the most popular outwear trends for the 2012 season.

It is nearly impossible to keep up on all the latest trends for yourself, let alone for your kids! Not to mention how expensive those trendy, designer pieces can be. You may be surprised at how up to date your local chain stores are on the designer looks, while keeping the price point completely doable. Outerwear trends are something that change from season to season but since your kids grow and change right along with them, it is something that you can invest in from year to year and actually get good use from! (If you can get your child to remember their coat. That’s a whole different battle.)


You might not be surprised to know that fur is something that is in this year. You MAY be surprised to know that it is carrying over into the boy section.

Designer piece:
Fur vest by Marc Jacobs, Saks Fifth Avenue, $220 (

Cheaper option:
Little girls fur vest: Target, $22.99
Fur hooded coat for boys: Target, $32.99


This is an older trend that we are starting to see more and more! Toggle clasps add a fun detail to coats, vests, and jackets. Not only are they cute, but also they are easy for your little ones to do up themselves.

Designer piece:
Fur coat with toggle clasps by Marc Jacobs, Neiman Marcus, $374

Cheaper option:
Girls pea coat with toggle clasps, Ross, $12.99
Boys jacket with toggle clasps, Target, $16.00


The bright, bold, geometric prints are carrying over from summer to fall. They are so eye catching and will look adorable on all of your little ones.

Designer piece:
Boy and girl Columbia coat- $42.00

Cheaper option:
Wal mart, $14.97


This trend takes me back to MY childhood when puffy vests first became popular. They are a trend that has since come and go but this year they are definite GO!

Designer Piece:
Ralph Lauren Channel Quilted Vest, Nordstrom, $89.50

Cheaper option:
Girls puffy vest, Shopko $19.99 (for complete outfit)
Boys puffy vest, Target, $14.99


A fun accessory for your kids to have this season is a critter hat. Not only will they feel cool wearing but will still keep their ears warm. Some stores price their winter hats ridiculously high but I have found a fun alternative that is not only custom-made for your individual child, it is also from a local vendor!

Designer piece:
Plush dog hat, Sears, $44.32

Cheaper option:
Custom-made critter hat from Flapper Fashions on Etsy
Regularly $26.00 (15% off using promo code: STUDIO5)

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