Style File: Animal Silhouette Sweaters

If you’ve been sweater shopping lately, you might have wondered at first if you were in the children’s department. Animal shapes are showing up on the front of popular pullovers this season, which has us asking: is it classy, or for the kids?

Four popular fashion bloggers weigh in!

“This is a fun trend – and we all need a little fun in our wardrobe! Look for a good print like J.Crews French Hen. Fit is key in pulling this off. Make sure it’s not too big; this will help it not look juvenile.”

Shannon Abbott,

“J.Crew and Madewell do it best. I love the animal silhouette trend, but the key is to look for simplicity in the design. A profile/outline design is better than a frontal, full-detailed depiction of an animal, which can often look ugly-Christmas-sweater-esque. The simplicity of the animal print can be balanced with a more detailed, textured skirt or pant (floral, print, lace, tweed, etc.).”

– Amanda Sanchez,

“I am totally in love with animal sweaters! My favorite right now are any with an owl print. There is something whimsical and fun about them, and if styled right they can totally be classy and sophisticated as well. To keep the look more grown up and less teeny bopper, make sure your animal sweater is the focal point of your outfit. Paired with classic pieces like a collared, button down shirt underneath, skinny jeans and a cute flat you won’t go wrong!”

– Ashley Stallings,

“I love the trend! It gives a unique twist to a classic sweater. Wear it with some coated skinnies, classic equestrian boots and a pearl stacked necklace for a sophisticated touch.”

– Rachel Parcell,

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