Style File: Creative Color Combinations

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone reveals four hip color combinations…and explains how you can pull them off.


• Wear colors in harmony with your personal coloring. Your personal coloring is comprised of 3 elements: hair color, eye color, skin tone. Identify your color temperature (warm or cool) in the 3 elements. The dominant 2 traits will indicate whether cool colors or warm colors are most flattering on you. This will assist you in selecting colors within your personal coloring.

• Don’t wear bold colors head to toe. Bold colors should be an accent or “pop”. Choose either pant/skirt or blouse in a bright color. Or, wear neutral top and bottom and let an accessory (belt, jewelry, hair bling, handbag) state the bold color.

• Dark recedes, light advances. To hide problematic figure areas, choose dark colors. To draw attention to a feature, wear light colors.

• You can wear any color you want as long as it is combined with a color close to your face that mirrors your personal coloring. The flattering color can harmonize the look and balance any other color you may choose to add. The color nearest your face is most important. If you love celery green but it isn’t in your personal coloring temperature, wear the color in shoes, a skirt, or on a handbag.


1. Lavender /Salmon

Pair with Neutrals: Cream, camel, chocolate

Clothes featured:

Lavender Sweater- Macy’s $44.50

Salmon Belt-Macy’s $35.00

2. Blue/ Green

Pair with Neutrals: Cream, stone, charcoal

Clothes featured:

Blouse Express $29.50

Cami Down East Outfitters $9.00

Shoes Famous Footwear $49.00

3. Fuschia /Yellow

Pair with Neutrals: Cream, charcoal, navy

Clothes featured:

Skirt Express $59.00

Sandals Payless $25.00

Blouse Macy’s $24.99

4. Citron Green/Brown

Pair with Neatrals: Cream, Camel, Slate Blue

Clothes featured:

Capri’s Macy’s $35.00

Cami Down East Outfitters $9

Shrug TJ Maxx $29.99

All accessories:

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