Style File: Finding Your Figure Strengths

Studio 5’s Jeanette Lefrandt shows four ways to identify our figure strengths and help ease the adjustment.

Let’s be honest, no woman is immediately excited to put on her swimsuit after months of not seeing the sun. The same can be true about summer clothing in general. Identifying your figure strengths is a great way to feel comfortable and confident in your wardrobe change.
Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help identify your best features:

What do you get most complimented on? – Is there an outfit, style, or cut of shirt that you always get complimented on? This is probably the easiest way to identify what looks best on you. When you shop, I say you can never go wrong with a girlfriend and a camera. It is almost impossible to deny how great an outfit looks when you have the proof and assurance from a trusting friend.

If you frequently get stopped by friends, or even strangers, about an outfit, you’ve got a winner! Trust the people around you. While your friend’s or family’s style may differ from your own, multiple compliments are more than just being polite.

What do you always know your size in? – Is there an article of clothing you can go into the store and not grab in three different sizes? Being comfortable with your size is a great sign of confidence in the way you look. By not constantly second guessing your shirt size shows you not only accept but also are comfortable with the size you typically wear. Being confident in your size will be portrayed when you strut-your-stuff, comfortable in your clothes.

What do you try to show off? – What do you love about your body? Or what do you not try to cover up? This is another great question to ask yourself to find out what you are confident and comfortable in. Maybe you have great calves? Fabulous arms? A tiny waist? Beautiful curves? Great neckline? Everyone is built different, and everyone has their strengths. What are you most comfortable with? Once you figure that out, show it off!

What color do you like most on? – Is there a color you like best or get the most compliments on while wearing? If all else fails, a fantastic color can bring out beautiful skin tones and draw attention to your face. Black or white do not count as colors! Find a bright and bold color that draws attentions. It is your time to shine, so don’t try and hide.

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