Style File: Four Summer Trends to Try

Style File: Four Summer Trends to Try

From color blocking to white outs, this summer is all about extremes.

Studio 5 Contributor Jeanette Lefrandt shows us how to apply these trends in four eye catching looks.

White Out

We have been seeing this trend for a couple months now, however, if not done right you can look more like a marshmallow than a “fashionista.” One of my favorite ways to wear this look is to break up your whites. You can do this simply by wearing separates, different fabrics or prints, or even adding accessories like belts, chunky necklaces or a colorful cardigan. While there are many ways to make this look your own, make sure your whites match! Mismatched whites are about the only thing that can ruin this look!

Light Layers

It is no secret I love a good cardigan; but this new trend is one I am really excited about! Think of it as a fresh alternative to the classic cardigan look. Next time you want to add a little coverage or an extra layer, try wearing an open button down shirt instead of a cardigan. This is the perfect way to layer, especially during the hot summer months! I even like to add a little skinny belt to tie it all together. This is also another fun way to mix your feminine side with a clean tailored look.

Color Blocking

This is for sure one of the most fun and also more difficult trends for some people to grasp. Ladies, I am here to tell you to fear no more! One of the easiest ways to pull this look off is to forget all your rules about colors! You can wear pink, peach and coral together! As long as the colors are all in the same tone they will match, I promise! Another trick to pull this look off is also another big trend; bright neon colors paired with a neutral. If you aren’t feeling brave enough to wear all bright colors just yet, try toning it down with a solid neutral cardigan.

Bright Florals

This trend is always finding its way back on the runway. My favorite way to wear florals in the summer is to really wear colors that pop. Of course when doing this, to avoid looking like a clown, pair fun bright prints with solids that really tie it all together. When using bold colors and florals in the same outfit, make sure only one item has the print. You don’t want to look too busy!

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