Style File: Jewel Tones

In today’s Style File we’re pairing the jewel tones of winter in your wardrobe.
They’re rich, bold hues that pack a powerful punch, and with names like
sapphire, emerald, and ruby – these colors have the power to make you feel
sophisticated and classy. Studio 5 contributor Heidi Allen shares the 5 ways
you can rock jewel tones.

Jewel tones are great because they have a grey, subdued undertone, so they
aren’t as bold as neons and brights. They’re an easy way to incorporate more
color into your wardrobe, but not straying too far from your comfort zone.

Emerald City

A great way to wear our favorite jewel tones is by color-blocking. I
understand this may be a little bold for some, but with these deep, rich
colors it’s easier to do than you think. Here we have a rich emerald pant
paired with a gold sweaters and a little animal print for a fun look. What’s
great about both of the jewel tones is that they aren’t a huge stretch like the
way canary yellow or Kelly green might Be, they have a grey undertone that
make it easy to match these two together. And color-blocking is very popular
these days, so don’t be afraid to try it.

Emerald pants, Nordstrom
Gold sweater, Nordstrom
Leopard sleeveless top, Nordstrom

Ruby Radiance

This outfit plays on the suggestion of wearing a similar jewel tone head-to-
toe. Both the magenta top and ruby red skirt fall in the same color family of
pinks, reds, purples, but both pieces are different enough that you can still
pair them together while color-blocking. This look is definitely a bit more
bold because both colors are stand-out, but again, jewel tones generally
have a more muted hue than a Bright purple or bright red, so they easily go

Ruby skirt, Express
Magenta silk top, Nordstrom

Shine in Sapphire

This sapphire skirt is definitely a statement, so another way to pair a strong
jewel tone is just with a neutral! Blacks, tans, creams, and this winter we have
seen a lot of bright whites and creamy nudes, which are just asking for a pop
of color. So a way to not venture too far from your comfort zone, if color is
somewhat foreign in your wardrobe, is to add a rich jewel tone. Again, jewel
tones go great with neutrals because they too have a darker hue to them.
Sapphire pencil skirt, J. Crew

Beige Drapey blazer, Nordstrom
White ruffle top, thrifted

Adorned in Amethyst

Another great way to wear a jewel tone and compliment it well, is pairing it
will a complementary pattern. We are staying in the same color family, blues
and purples, and both pieces are subtle enough that when they are paired
together it makes for a bold ensemble.

Amethyst top, Nordstrom
Blue patterned skirt, Anthropologie

Gorgeous Gold

We are seeing colored outerwear everywhere this season. This gold coat is so
fun and I’ve seen almost every jewel tone in fabulous coats in stores. If you
aren’t quite feeling like wearing a bold jewel tone as you walk around the
office or out to lunch, wear the color in your outerwear. You can easily take it
off if you are modest about making a statement, but it can also be used as a
fun compliment to almost any outfit.

Gold coat: Anthropologie $80 (on sale)


Emerald bracelet and Amethyst bracelet, Banana Republic
Gold and Amethyst necklace, Vintage
Emerald Flats, H&M
Sapphire satchel, H&M

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