Style File: Look & Feel Fashionable at Home

Laundry, cooking, cleaning, taking care of children and all the other things a mom does to sustain a household doesn’t seem to yield any time for fashion. However, taking care of yourself first is the best thing you can do to get your day started off right. How you look affects your actions, the way you feel, the way you think, and has a direct correlation to how others respond towards you. Here are a few tips to follow for the mom who wants to look good, even at home:

• Get Yourself Ready First.

All too often we get up and get everyone else ready and then find our day is off to a rushing start, leaving us behind. Then, we go without our hair done, our make-up on and throw on the easiest thing we can find to disguise our un-finished appearance. This translates directly to how you feel. If you feel un-finished, chances are your day will feel the same. Style your hair and put on your make-up every morning. This is ½ the battle to looking and feeling put together for the day. Investing five minutes in your make-up routine can leave you feeling more fresh and prepared. A few steps can do the trick.

The 5 Minute Face

-Foundation for an even complexion

-Mascara for a bright eye

-Blush for a pop of color

-Lipstick or lipgloss to complete and refine

• Organize Wardrobe

Throw out torn, faded, stretched out t-shirts and sweaters. Get rid of clothes you don’t like. Wearing clothing that is stained or outdated will make you feel less than refined. You don’t have to have a huge wardrobe. If you even have just a few things to wear, make sure they are clean and in good condition each time you put them on. Group them together in outfits so you can take the guess work out of “what to wear”. But make sure you change these “groupings” regularily so you don’t get in a fashion rut. Remember, most t-shirts have a 1 year wearing life before they should be replaced.

• Wear Clothing That Fits You!

If it is too big or too little, it will actually make you look larger than you really are. Look at the overall shape of the garment. If it looks square, you will look square in it. Horizontal lines can make you appear larger. Vertical lines create a leaner appearance. Baggy sweats and t-shirts are the most unflattering. Instead, opt for a coordinated jogging suit with some decorative embellishments.

• Don’t Separate Your Wardrobe in “Stay at Home” and “Go Out” Clothes.

Think of your wardrobe as accommodating the here and now, not the what ifs and maybes. Wear clothes at home as if you were going out (within moderation). Though you may not complete a stay at home look with jewelry and accessories, wear outfits that you feel fashionable in. Dressing cute can actually improve your mood!

• Invest in a Pair of Boutique Jeans

These types of jeans will flatter your figure type giving you an overall more polished appearance. You will feel sassy wearing them and when they fit like a million bucks, you will act like a million bucks! The length matters too. Jeans should come down to the floor when barefoot, and mid-heel with shoes. When you feel like you look good, this feeling translates into everything you do. For a more sassy look, wear your button down shirts over a cami tied in a knot with jeans instead of plain t-shirts.

• Keep Shoes Comfortable

Shoes should always be comfortable. Whether it’s tennis shoes, or flats, choose shoes with an element of detail that take them from drab to fab.

For today’s segment, Holly featured clothes from:


Button down shirt $28.00

Down East Outfitters

Cami $10.00

Big Rock

Laguna Beach Jeans $114

Our Little Store (59 West Main Street, American Fork,

Capris $59.00

Blouse $38.00

White tee $12.00

Coordinate track jacket/pants: $45

T-shirt: $19

Dress/tunic $36.00

Skirt $48.00

Calf length leggings $14.00

Famous Footwear

Sketchers White Tennis, $36

Payless Shoe Source

Flats, $20

Holly Stone is a regular contributor on Studio 5 and also the owner of the local style and image company “Your Image, Your Way. With 19 years experience in the industry, Holly founded this company on the philosophy that refining your image can give you the confidence you need to live life to its fullest. Your Image, Your Way is a full-service image management company that can enhance your style while remaining true to your personality. Services include:

• Closet organization: Instruction on how to make the most out of your closet space. We will teach you how to maximize your time in selecting outfits to wear. We will evaluate what items can be re-designed, or should be discarded or donated.

• Figure Profile: Learn the styles of clothing that flatter your specific figure type

• Wardrobe Styling: We will style new outfits from your existing wardrobe. A picture portfolio of the newly created styles will be presented for easy reference.

• Personal Shopping: Save time and let us do your clothing shopping for you. We know the best fabrics, fits and styles to suit you. Our extensive knowledge of shopping outlets allows us to shop within your budget.

• Make up lessons: Have your make-up bag evaluated to see what is working/not working for you and why. Learn about skin care, brushes, the difference between drug store and department store products, the best colors for you and how to apply them based on your unique facial characteristics and lifestyle.

• Corporate image: Let us help you put your best foot forward. Training for employees and executives on image etiquette and its power.

To book an appointment please call 801-362-8934 or visit

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