Style File: Men’s Haircuts

Style File: Men’s Haircuts

If you’ve ever tried to weigh in on your man’s haircut, chances are you’ve faced a challenge. Beyond “a little off the top,” what are your options?

Stylist Brandi Holdaway with Salon O shares three on-trend haircuts and reveals what to do with your hubby’s ever-thinning hair.


Who it works for: Most men with plenty of hair up top, but especially guys with longer faces

What to ask for: Skip the clippers and cut into the hair vertically to a two-inch length on top with about fingers width on the sides.

Style: You can either blow dry up, or towel dry it messy, and then use a pasty pomade to show the texture.


Who it works for: This is a clean contemporary look that flatters nearly everyone, no matter what the hair thickness or face shape.

What to ask for: Clip the sides at a #2 setting to a fade right around the temples. Cut the top uniformly (no texturizing) with shears to about an inch.

Style: Comb your wet hair into a part and then about 15 minutes, run your fingers through it for a more natural look.


Who it works for: Men who like longer hair or have fairly fine hair but don’t want the shaggy look. Can have the sides either long or short; it’s very clean and business professional

What to ask for: cut about half an inch on sides and leave at least four inches on the top

Towel dry or blow dry hair away from the face and use a texture spray to hold it in place.

Thinning Hair:

For thinning hair you should always remember this rule: the less hair you have the shorter it should be! The comb-over might work for The Donald, Prince Charles but on everyone else it’s strictly a no-go. Plus, the super-short style says practical, job-interview-friendly, and cool in every sense of the word!

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