Style File: Mixing Prints

Studio 5 Contributor Jeanette Lefrandt helps shed some light on the trend, and keeps us from looking like we got dressed in the dark!

What used to be a fashion “no-no,” is now a big yes! Mixing prints is a big fashion trend for 2010. But there are a few rules to follow:

Simplify Patterns

How much attention you want to attract will determine how crazy of a pattern you want. In my opinion, less is certainly more here. One big print is usually a statement by itself. If you want to follow the trend and put two prints together, keep it gentle on the eyes. You don’t want to look like a life size Magic Eye book. Neutral


When putting two prints together, one way to make it look like you did it on purpose is to have at least one of the patterns be more neutral. Two busy and colorful patterns can look more like you don’t own a mirror. Perhaps, one pattern brings out some splashes of color with a floral print, while the other may be just a simple polka dot or stripe.

Tie in Colors

Another way to bring the two patterns together is to have some sort of theme, perhaps in color. For example, a yellow and black floral print cardigan may work nicely with black and white, or even solid yellow skirt. A nice solid color with mixed prints can really bring it all together, and give a nice finished look. Keep the Shape


The last thing you want to do is look like you are going to a costume party. It is really trendy to do the mixed prints with a more tribal or even oriental cut. If you wouldn’t wear it as a solid print, do not think mixing two prints together will help. Stay true to who you are. I am totally a cardigan and blouse kind of gal, so I would maybe play with some prints with a cardigan, blouse or a cute skirt. It just wouldn’t be me to wear an oriental wrap. If you are more bold and experimental, go ahead and give it a shot!

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