Style File: Spring 2009 Makeup Trends

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone reveals the top five make-up trends of Spring 2009.

TREND 1: Dewy Complexion

Skin should look hydrated and barely touched. A sheen product (less sparkly than shimmer, more of a highlighter) can soften the light and when light reflects off the skin, it appears radiant .To achieve that “glow from within” look try:

1) Highlighting the cheekbones and brow bone. This gives the illusion of a fresh and youthful countenance.

2) Mixing 1/4 shimmer lotion with your foundation for an all-over luminosity. You can also add these liquid sheen products to your body lotion for a soft skin glow.

Holly’s Product Pick: SMASHBOX Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion, $24.00,

TREND 2: Lilac Eye Shadow

This is one of the biggest trends of the season. Avoid the heavier purples and metallics and opt for a soft, playful shade of lilac. Paired with a berry stained lip and a pop of pink on the cheek, your femininity will be in full bloom. Apply right at the lash line for an accent or in the crease for a little more of a statement. Use with silvers and a white eyeliner for a doe-like look.

Holly’s Product Pick: Urban Decay Eye Shadow, Color: Mary Jane, $16.00,

TREND 3: Bright Eyes

Feel like you need to brighten up? Apply a nude eyeliner inside the lower rim of your eye (the water well). Your eyes will appear lighter and brighter-instantly.

Holly’s Product Pick: Paula Dorf Eyeliner, Color: Enhancer, $20.00,

TREND 4: Candy Shop Lips

The makeup trends stay true to fashion with corals and hot pink dominating the lips. Anyone can wear these shades as long as you stay in harmony with your personal coloring. Look at your hair shade and skin tone. The higher the contrast (dark to light) the more bold the color you can support. Love the color but don’t want to take a risk? Opt for a pigmented gloss.

TREND 5: Natural Brows

Brows are the most communicative part of the face and yet often the most neglected. If your brows are over shaped, it is time to grow your brows in a little and only trim the unruly hairs. Brows are more natural and full this season. Don’t have full brows? Use an angle detailing brush and a taupe or sable eye shadow to fill in where you are lacking. It will look natural and not drawn on and will frame those spring eyes beautifully.

Holly’s Product Pick: Sonia Kashuk Angle Detailing Brush, Target, $5.99

True Touch Cosmetics Eye Shadow Duo in Neutral Ground (light) or Papyrus (dark), $12.90

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