Style File: Fresh Hair

Tommy Bassett, Owner of Salon Tantrum in Layton offers these suggestions:

1. Push your stylist for freshness and creativity. Do an in-depth consultation. Be satisfied with the advice you’re getting.

2. Your age does not dictate the cut/color or style of your hair.

3. Face structure doesn’t limit you. Although your bone structure and body type does play a role in choosing a great cut and style, it does not need to limit you to one look.

4. Long hair is not only for 20-somethings! It can be a fresh look for women at any age. Consider hair extensions if you’d like to wear your hair longer, and tap into high-grade products that bring vitality and allow you to wear it longer without looking flat.

Salon Tantrum

1086 East Highway 193

Layton, Utah, 84040


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