Style File: The Titanium Flat Iron

We put our hair through the ringer with blow dryers, curling irons and straighteners… So when we found a flat iron that claims to be less damaging on our locks, we had to put it to the test!

Hair Stylist Lindsey Simons shows us why titanium plates make all the difference in the NuMe In Vogue Elite Styling Iron.

NuMe In Vogue Elite Style Iron
$67 (reg. $195),

I like the NuMe In Vogue flat iron because it has 100% titanium plates that heat up quickly and evenly and I don’t have to worry about them chipping or peeling the way ceramic coated plates do. The titanium plates also give off more of a negative charge than ceramic does, which helps smooth down the hair cuticle, make it shinier and restore moisture to the hair. It also has a heat setting which I feel is very important.

My guidelines are to start out at the lowest heat setting and work your way up, no matter what type of hair you have. You CAN burn your hair off! People with fine, damaged hair do not exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit. People with thick, curly or ethnic hair, 400 degrees Fahrenheit is the recommended temperature.

Here are a few things everyone should know about flat ironing hair to get the look they want and to protect against damage.

First, start off with a heat protecting product, like a cream or a spray, in clean damp hair. You can blow dry or air dry, either way, be sure that your hair is completely dry before flat ironing.

Straightening with a Flat Iron
I like to section off the hair in to three sections. One on top of the head, one from temple to temple and one just above the neckline. Then I take smaller sections about as thick as the flat iron and as wide as the plates, smaller if you hair is very curly. If you have fine, straight hair, don’t flat iron your roots to keep volume. Also, pull the hair straight out from the head, instead of down, for volume. I see a lot of girls flat iron the same section over and over very quickly to get it stick straight. That is very damaging! If you are taking the right size sections of hair you should only have to do one or two slow passes to get it straight. If you have curly hair you can warm your hair first by passing the iron over your hair with very little tension then go over it again slowly, with more tension.

Curling with a Flat Iron
This technique can also be used when curling straight hair. Curling with a flat iron can be tricky! First, if you have fine hair or hair that does not hold curl, you can use a medium hold gel along with your heat protectant. Next I recommend sectioning off the hair as described before. The bigger the section, the looser the curl. The smaller the section, the bigger the curl. The quicker you pass the iron through your hair, the looser the curl. The slower you pass it through, the tighter the curl. Take your section of hair and clamp it gently between the plates in the middle, about 2 or 3 inches away from the root. Twist the iron a half twist and pull outward. You may have to guide the ends of your hair through the plates with your other hand. Make it all one smooth motion or you will get kinks.

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