Style File: To Prime or Not To Prime?

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone offers a professional look at the necessity of face, eye, lash and lip primers:

Face/Foundation Primer

The goal in using a foundation primer is to smooth out the texture of your complexion so your foundation can glide over easier. Some companies also tout extending the wear of the foundation creating a base for it to adhere to. Most primers are made of silicone which gives it that “slip” necessary for the gliding effect of the foundation application with powders to absorb oil which may cause the foundation to “move” throughout the day.

Is it necessary? NO!

Yesterday’s foundations were used to even out skin tone. Today’s foundations are so advanced that in addition to evening skin tone, many of them contain silicone to even out texture as well. As far as needing a “base” for the foundation to adhere to? Your skin is the perfect base. Foundation formulas are more robust and therefore have much better staying power. Save your money on this gimmicky product and invest in a great moisturizer with SPF. If your skin texture is rough, applying a moisturizer before your foundation will accomplish the same effect as a foundation primer.

Eye shadow Primer

In both cream and cream to powder formulas, an eye shadow primer can assist with the blend ability of eye shadow and or be used to set eye makeup.

Is it necessary? YES!

Used on the eyelid before applying eye shadow, eye shadow primers result in a smoother eyelid area, and yield a base for longer lasting color. Some primers will even assist by offering anti-creasing properties. For those who claim their face “eats makeup”, this product truly does create eye shadow color longevity. And when you are working on a primed eyelid surface, the powder-based shadow blends like butter.

Holly’s Pick: Cinema Secrets Eye Primer $14.99

Usage: Using concealer brush or finger tip, dab a small amount on eyelid from lash to crease. Can extend to outside corner of eye to “fill in” fine lines. Follow with eye shadow

Eyelash Primer

Generally white in color, this base product coats lashes with claims to build volume and length to sparse, thin lashes.

Is it necessary? NO!

If you want volume for your lashes, buy a volumizing mascara. If you want length for your lashes, buy lengthening mascara. If you want definition to your lashes, buy defining mascara. Mascara formulas are designed to give the results mentioned above. Adding mascara primer is an unnecessary step and actually creates more work because the product goes on white and stays white. You have to cover every lash well to hide the primer. If you coat every lash with a powerful formula of mascara, you will get the same effect.

Lip Primer

Always a cream, this product is applied as an additional base for lipstick to adhere to. The light color neutralizes natural lip color revealing the true color of the lipstick. It also assists lipstick color to go on easier.

Is it necessary? YES!

Most lip primers today have plumping benefits with Silica which plumps the tiny crack and minimizes fine lines. Rich oils give lips a smooth surface for lipstick to glide over. Absorbing powders grab lipstick color and holds it in place.

Holly’s Pick: Origins Underwear for Lips $13.99, Macy’s

Usage: Apply to the center and sides of top and bottom lips, then smooth together to blend. Follow with your favorite Lip Color.

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