Plus Size Consignment: Buying Used Clothing

Three-fourths of resale stores said they had higher sales … compared with the same period last year, according to the National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops. The average sales increase was about 35%.”

Pam Scarpelli, with Plus Size Consignment, agrees but gives you tips on how to make your experience at a consignment or thrift shop enjoyable from the minute you walk in.

Tips for Buying Used Clothing

1. Set a budget – make it a game and see how little you can spend

2. Disregard your prejudices – some stores are good, some aren’t so good. Shop around your neighborhood and see which is most appealing to you

3. Go shopping with a friend – it’s great to get a second opinion from one who’s opinion you respect. Also it’s good to have someone with another set of eyes check everything out

4. Try things on – sizes vary widely even with today’s clothing. And because most things aren’t returnable, this is important

5. Examine each item thoroughly – look for broken zippers, holes in hidden places, stains

6. Check out washing or care instructions – use labels as your guide. Remember that an Eddie Bauer garment may hold up better than a discount store product …

7. Think in layers – a shirt may have a stain in on the front, but it may have a great collar and cuffs … something you can mix with a great sweater

8. Thrift stores help you diversify – shopping at a thrift store is a great way to check out how fun colors or unusual styles look on you without paying a high cost

9. Huge discounts on accessories – thrift stores have great buys on jewelry, purses and accessories.

10. Look for clothes with new tags – someone’s bad buy could be a great treasure for you and it’s totally brand new

11. Always wash your purchases before wearing them

12. Know your local thrift store and shop its sales. Even greater savings are available.

13. Take your time and have lots of fun …

For lots of great buys, especially in plus sizes, go to Plus Size Consignment at Ivy Place, Suite 12, located at 4700 South on 9th East. For more info call (801) 268-3700.

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