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Stylish AND comfortable? Here are 8 comfy pants for men

We love comfy pants, but men do too! Here are the best options for your man.

Your man probably often sports either jeans or slacks, depending on the day. But if he’s looking for something more comfortable, and something he can go out in, these picks are right up his alley.

Mindy Dunyon shares the top eight loungewear pants for men. Her choices come in a variety of price ranges, so pick what fits your budget best!


Shopping Guide

ABC Classic Pants, $128

All Day Every Day Pants, $98

All In Motion Golf Pants, $40

In Mind Pant, $118

Peak Lifestyle Jogger Pants, $87

All In Motion Run Pants, $32

Nike Tech Fleece Jogger Pants, $110

Vuori Banks Performance Shorts, $68

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