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Hit the road! Take to the skies! You need these accessories on your summer adventures…

By Lauren Tippetts

In case you missed it, summer vacation is in just a few weeks! Dust off the suitcases, because it’s time to roll out. You’ll be all kinds of prepared with a few of the internet’s favorite travel accessories. Let the summer adventures begin!

Oh Joy! Packing Cubes, $48

Ever get to your destination and can’t find a single thing in your mess of a suitcase? Enter packing cubes. With five different sizes, there’s a spot for your tops, your socks, your swimming gear, and everything else you need to pack! And, they’re all kept organized in their own compact spaces.

Silicone Travel Bottles, $15.99

Exploding shampoo is the bane of our travelling existence. These bottles take care of that. They seal up tight for those changing pressures. The silicone material makes it easy to get product out, and bonus! They suction to the wall of the shower, so no more playing bathtub ledge Jenga!

Hanging Toiletry Bag, $17

Instead of a bag for shower stuff, a bag for makeup, and a bag for hair accessories, keep them all in one handy place! This convenient carrier has pockets for all your toiletries, so no more worrying about where to put it all. And once you reach paradise, just hang it on the bathroom door! No need to unpack.

Foldable Outdoor Backpack, $17.82

This right here is a lifesaver. Looks like your average backpack, right? Wrong! It folds up into a teeny tiny little package you can easily stash in your luggage! So whether your beaching in Hawaii or hiking in Moab, this little guy is here to help.

International Travel Power Plug Adapter, $19.99

Heading to Europe? You’re gonna want one of these. Not only does it convert those European outlets, but it has four USB ports, so you can charge all the phones! You wouldn’t want to miss out on all those beautiful pictures of France because of a dead battery, would you?

Not seeing what you need? Find even more travel accessories here!

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