Summer Brain Benders


Summer is almost here and moms you’re going to need ways to entertain the kids.

We found some wildly fun activities to “wow” your kids and get them thinking, too.

Richard Romney with “Be Amazing Toys” says the Geyser Rocket Car is set to make a big splash this summer!

Science and magic have always been close friends. Many of the things that scientists do look like magic and nearly all magical effects find their roots in science.

Scientists have been making things seemingly defy gravity and float in the air for decades. They use scientific principles such as magnetism, air pressure, holography, and centripetal force. Airplanes fly because the wings are lifted by low pressure air flowing over the top of them, Satellites float over the earth every day due to centripetal forces, Magnets, holograms, and optical illusions can also make it appear that things float.

When a magician wants to make something float, he or she turns to science for the answer. The optical illusion of levitation (making something float or seemingly defy gravity) can be accomplished by using lasers, mirrors, or hidden threads, but the magician needs to know something about science to use these tools.

A great many magicians have a formal education in some branch of science such as physics, chemistry, engineering, or psychology.

#1 Geyser Car NEW! Available Summer 2011

Now you can harness the power of Mentos® candies and soda into a racing car that travels 200 feet or more! As soon as you release the Mentos® into the soda, the car is off. Strap the soda bottle onto the chassis, add decals to the nosecone and you’re ready to “Start Your Engine.”

Learn why this works so well and experiment with other types of car power. Experiment with other types of “fuel” with the included Depth Charger. Use the included needle and rubber stopper to convert to an air pump system.

Great for Science Fairs! Ages 8 and up

#2 Energy Stick NEW!!! Available Summer 2011

Do you think you are Electric?
Do your friends get a “Charge” out of you?
Does your body transmit electricity?

Use our new Energy Stick to find out. Hold the Energy Stick in your hands and see if it lights up and makes noises. Try it with two people, three people, five or more!

Learn about conductivity, insulators and electric circuits. It’s really fun. Amaze your friends.

Ages 6 and up

#3 Water Crystals – now you see them, now you don’t NEW!!! Available summer 2011

Who knew science could be such fun???

Using the expanding polymers provided, grow gigantic water balls! The kit also includes our secret Growing Powder. Discover what it has in common with the water balls and with baby diapers! Use it to make water disappear. How cool is that?

Ages 4 and up

#4 Disappearing Water

#5The Genie in the Bottle

Every magician should be able to make something float. Here’s a floating effect just for you!

The effect

The performer displays a mysterious cloth-wrapped bottle and a short length of rope. He/she explains that according to the ancient legends, a genie lives in the bottle. While you can’t see the genie, if you tickle him with something like a rope, it makes him mad and he hangs onto the rope. The rope is inserted into the bottle and jiggled a bit. When the bottle with the rope still inside it is turned upside down, the rope is seen to dangle unsupported from the bottle. The magician explains that the genie is even strong enough to make the bottle float. Now, the bottle and rope are turned right side up. While holding only the end of the rope, the magician lets go of the bottle and it is seen to float at the end of the rope. On command, the genie releases the rope, it is easily removed from the bottle and handed out for examination. The bottle may be examined, as well. Nothing unusual will be found.

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