Summer Camping Gear for Kids

Studio 5 contributor Donna Harper of Clear & Simple has tips to help you gear up for summer.

Fun Gear for Half-Day Camps

• Pink Polka Dot Lunch Box

• Pigeon Go-Go back pack

• Collapsible Wet Gear Bag

Available at:

Children’s Hour Bookstore

898 East 900 South

SLC Utah


Fun Gear for All Day and Overnight Camps

Pottery Barn back pack system-Mackenzie Collection

Summer Camp Planning Tip:


o What are my kid’s interests?

o What are our family’s time guidelines?

o What is our budget for kid’s summer activities?


o Choose and sign up for activities that are within your children’s interest and age level.

o Put all activities on a calendar in a central location so that the family is aware of the schedule and the fun to look forward to.


o At least one week prior to activity, ask yourself:

• Are they going to get wet? They will need a swim suit, towel and something to put wet stuff into.

• Are they running, hiking, climbing, etc.? They will need appropriate footwear.

• Are they playing a sport in which they might need equipment? Soccer, football, volleyball, lacross, to name a few.

• How long are the activities: half day, all day, overnight or longer? Do you have appropriate gear to pack a snack, drink, lunch or more?

o Gather or shop for all the right equipment, gear and packs so that you and your child are prepared for the planned activity.

o Packing the day before the activity can make less stress the morning of the activity and gives you time for any last minute items you may have forgotten. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

o Planning ahead lightens the chaos that summer fun can be and Simplifies our busy lives.

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