Summer Centerpieces

Studio 5 contributor Katie Bell shares 5 simple centerpieces that will be the perfect accent for your home this summer.

Whether you are hosting an event or just want to change up the décor in your home a seasonal centerpiece is the perfect way to do it! It’s not all flowers and bows anymore – there are lots of ways to add some spice to your centerpiece without too much frill.

• Fruit Centerpiece

Thinly slice oranges, lemons, and limes and add to vase of any size or shape. Add a real or silk flower and greenery to the center.

• Candy Topiary Centerpiece

Glue gumdrops onto Styrofoam balls attach balls to strong wood or metal skewer. Fill jar up with crepe paper and candy (such as Skittles) then stick skewers into the paper. For heavier candy topiaries stick Styrofoam into the center of the crepe paper to make it stronger.

• Beach Centerpiece

Buy or gather sand from a nearby playground, pour sand into a fishbowl. Add sea shells, rocks, and leaves from a plant in your backyard.

• Wrapping Paper Pom Pom Centerpiece

Glue crepe paper squares onto Styrofoam balls using the end of a pencil to create a petal look. Use skewers and Styrofoam cylinder to display balls in vase. Glue wrapping paper around desired vase.

• Traditional Floral Centerpiece

Collect silk flowers, greenery, moss, and whatever else you like. Cut the stems to desired length and add to any vase, tin, or bucket!

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