Summer Short Dilemmas

Studio 5 Beauty and Style Contributor Holly Stone answers your Summer Short Dilemmas.

Looking good in what you wear is often a matter of proportions. No matter what your size or shape, selecting the right pair of shorts is about paying attention to the length.

“I always feel frumpy when I wear knee-length shorts. How can I keep the coverage, but still feel stylish?”

-Nicole P.

Pick a pair of shorts which reaches to your mid-thigh. These tend to be a little more forgiving but remember, they should not be uncomfortably tight around the hem. Also, you could try out a pair of loose-legged culotte shorts. If you wear them at knee length or a little bit longer, you’ll have a look that almost passes for a skirt. Depending on your workplace, you may even be able to wear these for casual Friday. A button down prairie shirt can dress up a more casual knee short. Put more attention to your blouse to draw they eye away from the shorts and up towards the face. Wear neutral colors on bottom and brighter colors on top to again, draw the eye upwards.
Make sure that the shorts don’t hit you at a full part of your leg/knee. If they do, roll them up once to divert focus from the fullness.

“The other day, I saw a woman wearing heels with shorts…is that OK?!”

-Shelley K.

Absolutely! Heels and shorts go well together The type of shoes you wear will determine the look. A heel makes a short or Capri look dressier and creates a longer, leaner appearing leg while a flat makes them more casual.

“I just bought a pair of summer capris and they seem to hit me at a weird length, making my calves look fuller. Any tips on how to find a flattering length?”

-Michelle W.

Make sure the short or Capri falls above or below the widest part of your leg. If it stops at the widest part, it will accentuate that part and make it look even wider. Avoid shorts which cut you off at an awkward spot. If you tend to carry most of your weight through your thighs, you should wear a pair that are wide and reach to just above the knee.

Also, keep proportion in mind when selecting your shorts. Generally speaking, wider-legged shorts look better with a longer hem while more fitted shorts look good when they are either capri length or hemmed well above the knee.

“Summer to summer it seems the length of capris is always changing – what is the current trend?”

-Stacy S.

Capri length change even from season to season. This spring the trend is to wear them slightly below the knee. Though you will still see them ranging in length from just above the ankle to right at the knee. Long blouses over the shorter capri is the new style. Embellishments on the side or bottom of the Capri is also current to trend.

“The pockets on my jean shorts always bunch up and make me look full at the waist…are there some pockets that are more flattering than others?”

-Lindsay P.

Pockets, in general, draw the eye to them so make sure they do not lie in a problematic area as this will only draw attention to that area. Side slit pockets that are not sewn shut can make your hips look wider. When they gape open, they draw the eye to the sloppy line. Remember that cargo shorts add visual bulk. Pockets sewn as “pouches” on the outside of the short create bulk as well. Pay attention to the types of fabric. A stiff cotton or canvas will look more bulky than a soft cotton or rayon. Have the pockets sewn shut if they gape or pull. This will create the appearance of a softer, more flattering line.

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