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Summer Snack Hacks: 7 creative treats when you’re bored of cheese and crackers

Whether it’s the perfect night for a fire pit, or a backyard water day – these summer snack hacks will be a hit!

By Lauren Tippetts

There’s a reason cheese and crackers, string cheese, or a bin of Goldfish, are the go-to summer snack. They’re easy! But we’re making the case for getting creative with minimal effort on your part. These summer snack hacks are unique, tasty, and still fall onto the simple scale. Whip a couple up for your backyard pool day, or for a night by the fire!


Creative Healthy Family

Instant Magic Slushie

We can’t get over how easy this snack hack from Creative Healthy Family is! It’s literally three ingredients we’re 100% sure you have in your kitchen right now. Mix it up with the kids and they’ll be in awe at how quickly their favorite juice turns into an icy summer treat.


Abbey’s Kitchen

Watermelon Fries

Okay, you couldn’t have picked a better pair of favorite foods. Abbey’s Kitchen really hit a home run with these watermelon fries! And a coconut lime dipping sauce, are you kidding?! If any snack could take us to Hawaii, it’s this one.


Penny Pinchin Mom

Super Simple S’mores Dip

You can’t go wrong with the classic s’more, but took it up a level. Deconstruct, dip, and dip again! We love this take on the campfire favorite. And those golden toasted marshmallows are absolute perfection!


Tastes Better From Scratch

Fruit Sparklers

These fruit sparklers are adorable! We love how turned a healthy snack into an art project. Get the kids in on making their own customized sparkler. You won’t hear any gripes about eating fruit when it’s presented in such a cute way!


Princess Pinky Girl

Campfire Cones

Just the name of this snack sparks joy! This creative campfire treat comes courtesy of, and the picture alone is making our mouths water! We know what our new go-t0 summer dessert is…

Need a fire pit for the yard this summer? Check out our round up here.


Live Eat Learn

Frozen Blueberry Bites

We don’t think anything could be simpler than‘s frozen blueberry bites. Yogurt and blueberries…that’s the ingredient list! It makes for a cold, tasty, healthy treat for those hot summer days.


Hello Wonderful

Cereal Yogurt Bark

How many boxes of cereal are in your pantry right now? Pour them onto a bed of yogurt like and you’ll have a snack everyone can get on board with! Again, we’re loving the simplicity of these ingredients!

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