Summer Songs for 2012

What will be your favorite song of Summer 2012? Each year, there seems to
be a feel-good hit of the season.

Darin tips you off to a couple songs that should be part of your playlist.

Mat Kearney
Ships in the Night

This is a upbeat and catchy adult contemporary type song. If you like Andy
Grammer or Matt Nathanson, see if you don’t catch the beat for this song.

The Wanted
Chasing the Sun

Any song that talks about chasing the sun would be perfect for summer. This
is an infectious dance-inspired song that will get you moving.

Maroon 5

When it comes to a pop song destined to get a lot of air play, this is going to
be big. Be careful if you download the song. You might want to get the
“clean” version or a “radio edit”.

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