Summer Spray Paint Projects


The weather is finally warm and we are all gearing up for backyard barbeques and patio parties. If your yard is in need of a little pick me up, all it takes is a can of spray paint and a little creativity.

Blogger Tausha Hoyt with Sassy Style Redesign shares creative ways spray paint can help you transform your yard into a posh outdoor living space!

It is no secret that I love spray paint! I love it because it easy to do, inexpensive and quick. You can transform anything with a little bit of paint.

Wait a minute Mr. Postman…

If you have some leftover paint and your mailbox needs some loving, you can paint it! When you paint your mailbox, you probably will not be able to pull it out of the ground. So, tape off the post, unless you want it painted as well. You will want to protect your grass or cement. You can use plastic drop cloth, a plastic table cloth or some card board. I used a plastic tablecloth. I cut a hole in the middle and slipped it over the entire mailbox. If you do get some overspray on the grass, don’t fret. The paint will not hurt the grass and the grass will grow out, so you will be able to mow up the overspray in about a week.

You can get decorative on your mailbox if you want to use it as a landmark for people to find your house. (I recommend this, I get lost all the time!) You can use painters tape to stripe it, or you can make a polka dot stencil out of plastic and use spray adhesive to stick it to your mailbox. You can tape off a diamond shape or you can make a stencil and paint your name on it. You can really go crazy, creative on your mailbox. Whatever you choose to do, you will have the cutest mailbox on the block.

I know that you are looking around your yard wondering what else you can spray paint. You are addicted now! I have a couple of more ideas that you can use that little can of wonder on.

Snug as a bug in an Outdoor Rug…

Have you always wanted an outdoor rug, but you have never been able to find the perfect pattern? Or, maybe you don’t want to pay an arm or leg for it. Or, maybe you’ve just always wanted to spray paint a rug. (I can’t be alone on this…)

Decide on your pattern and tape it off with frog tape. A chevron stripe, some stripes in different widths, or the fabulous sailor strips would look fabulous! When you paint, don’t stop in one spot for too long, or you will get splotches. Finish the rug with a coat of Hellman’s to protect it.

Twist & Shout…

Are your kids bored? Are they already whining that they have nothing to do? Well, pull out the spray paint again and your yard will be the hot spot of the neighborhood.

Remember when you were young and limber and your favorite game was twister? Well, they don’t make a twister game large enough for everyone to play, so why not make your own? You will need a spinner, so if you don’t have one, you will want to pick up the twister game from the DI or Wal-Mart. Now comes the fun part, creating the game board. You will want to make some circles out of cardboard for your stencil. You can make individual circles, or a row of circles. The row of circles is easier to use because you don’t have to try too hard to get the lines straight. You can also use poster board to make the stencils. Once you have your game board done, call all the kids over, tell them not to fight and you be known as the coolest mom ever! The spray paint will not damage the grass and it will grow out in a couple weeks. So, you can mow up the game board when you are sick of all the kids hanging out at your house.

Chalk it up to fun…

Now that you are a professional spray painter, why not try your hand at making a chalkboard wall? Head to Home Depot and pick up some inexpensive ply wood. You can have them cut it to size for you, or you can make the wall as large as the plywood piece is. Why you are at Depot, pick up some Chalkboard spray paint. They make it in a quart as well. So you can either spray it or roll it. You will need 2 coats for good coverage. Once the paint is dry, you will need to prime it. Just use the side of some chalk and rub all over the wall, then erase. Now you can color to your heart’s content. You can make your wall mobile if you choose. You will need to pick up some castors and enlist someone with power tools knowledge. If you don’t want it mobile, you can screw it into your fence. Pick up some sidewalk chalk and let your kids got to town! Now you really are the coolest mom ever!

I want to finish with a totally random, yet very useful tip. When you are finished with your projects, you need to get the spray paint off your hands. Goop and a small nail brush works wonders! If you do this, a manicure is totally optional, but highly recommended!

Now you know why I love this little can of wonder! Go forth and spray paint!

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Happy Creating!

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