Summer Totes

Blogger Kami Watson, from Sweet Charli, shows how to turn ordinary items into cool summer accessories.


What you need:

Pillowcase, Sewing Machine, Pins

Take your pillowcase and cut the top hem completely off, barely the bottom edge off, and cut diagonally from corner to corner.

On all four of the diagonal edges cut, fold over 1/4 inch twice, then sew.

Next, place one of the cut triangles inside of the other one, then pin then edge onto the other triangle, pin and sew. Do that to both sides, then turn inside out and sew the bottom hem.

Now take the top part of the pillowcase that you cut off earlier…

And place the tip of the to be handles inside of the strip.

Sew them on, then tie a knot over the seam.

Then hem the edge of the blue strips.

And finally, tie a knot to make a shoulder strap.

Hand Towel Tote

What you need:

Hand Towel, Sewing Machine, Bamboo Handles, Pins

1. Take your hand towel off of your rod and wash it!

2. Fold in half inside out and sew about 1/2 in. seam.

3. Turn right side out

4. Now get your bamboo handles

5. Place your handles on the inner part of your purse and fold the ends in over them. Pin.

6. Sew the handles on and you’re done!

You can check out more of Kami’s Do It Yourself projects on her blog…

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