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Support Your Kids as They Become Parents: 4 ways to make sure they feel validation from you

 As your kids become parents, make sure they feel your love for them.

Remember when you were a young parent? The challenges, the exhaustion, and the craving for validation from your own parents? Now, as our children step into the same shoes, it’s our turn to offer them the support we once longed for.

Author Mary Jo Bell shares how to best support your kids in their role as mom and dad.

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How to Support Your Kids as They Become Parents

A Heartfelt Reminder

Mary Jo emphasizes the significance of validation. Young parents yearn to hear they’re doing a great job. It’s a simple yet powerful reassurance that means the world to them. Imagine the impact of a heartfelt “You’re doing great” on those tough, tiring days.

Resisting Unnecessary Parenting Advice

Mary Jo warns against overstepping boundaries by offering unwanted parenting advice. Sometimes, it’s best to let the little things slide. After all, do mismatched socks really matter in the grand scheme of parenting?

Respect and Cherish Their Role

Respecting their decisions and cherishing their role as parents is crucial. Mary Jo shares a touching story where she respected a family member’s wishes, acknowledging that it was their call as the parent.

The Beauty of Cherishing

Cherishing goes beyond just loving someone. It’s about protecting and caring for them. Mary Jo beautifully illustrates the love flow between generations in a family, creating a cherished space for everyone involved.

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