Surviving the Salad Bar

Most people go to the salad bar in an attempt to do something healthy for their body, but when salads range from 50 calories to 200 calories, it can quickly become a big diet downfall. Melanie has a couple tips to help you feel full and satisfied without weighing you down.

· Keep it simple, stick with the lean greens. They are all about 10 calories a serving.

· Fill up at the beginning of the salad bar so you won’t have enough room for the calorie packed ingredients at the end of the salad bar.

· Skip the cheese, try and only choose two ingredients out of the middle section of the salad bar.

· If you need protein go for the eggs or the cottage cheese.

· Opt for vinaigrette dressings instead of the calorie packed cream dressings. You will only add half the calories you would if you use ranch dressing.

· Put the dressing on the side. You’ll eat less dressing if you use your fork to dip the veggies instead.

· Go for at least five servings of fruits and vegetables.

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