Sweet & Simple Thank-Yous

The thought counts, especially when it’s so darn clever!

Pioneer Party & Gift rolls out a fresh list of ways to show gratitude and brighten someone’s day.

1. “We need S’MORE people like you! Thanks!” We’ve taken a couple of chocolate bars, a little bag of marshmallows, and one stack of graham crackers and tied together with ribbon and the tag. A basket full of a family-sized s’more night would also be darling.

2. You’re SIMPLY the best! Thank you! (A Simply lemonade ) Definitely a “simple” gift for someone who might not need a big gift!

3. Brown Paper Package: Use the phrase, “Brown paper packages tied up with strings, These are a few of my favorite things. Thank You to one of my favorite people.” We’ve wrapped up some of our favorite treats in a brown paper sack, adorned with scrapbook paper and a miniature paper doily.

4. “You’re One in a Melon!” We love this tied to a big REAL watermelon! So cute to take to a family or a mom that would appreciate something yummy and healthy to eat. We’ve also made a small version using a candy dish and gummy sour watermelons.

5. “Wish I Could Take You to Rio & back… but this will have to do!” Attach a Café Rio Gift card.

6. Mounds of Thanks for all you DEW! A Mountain Dew and a Mounds candy bar… perfect for that “junk food” junky!

7. A simple Thank You: A nice framed quote that is uplifting is a great non-food gift that can be given to just about anyone. Ours is a subway art with phrases like “be optimistic, take chances, be happy, etc.”

8. You are a LIFESAVER – thank you for all your help! 4 Lifesaver packages in a glassine wax bag wrapped with twisted twine and a darling tag!

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