Sweet Tips For A Perfect Party Table

Michelle Virtue with BYU Campus Craft and Floral has 4 tips to pull off a perfect party table.

Party Planning inspired by Amy Atlas:

1. Start with a THEME and build your table décor around that genre. You might design your table around a bride’s favorite colors or even a destination. Your party might be centered on a decade, the age of the birthday boy/girl, and even the décor of your venue. Regardless of your theme, COLOR is party KING. In fact, the color alone could be your theme. Pay special attention to the tones and complementary colors that you select. Head to the paint store for color samples.

2. Make a PLAN. Project boards including color swatches, food lists, sketches, and clipped inspiration are extremely helpful. They help you visualize and conceptualize the event while planning.

3. Be DELIBERATE, but not stuffy. Mix and match, collect, and play. Decorating a party table should be fun, interesting, and reflect your own style. Always be on the lookout for inspiration because you never know where it will appear. Grocery stores, magazines and blogs can help you see party potential.

4. Pay attention to the DETAILS. Amy’s signature style is centered around bringing simple details together to make unforgettable showpieces. If you plan ahead and take special care, your guests will definitely notice those extra special touches.
    a. Sweets and Treats are KEY! Start collecting, creating, and         baking! I love to go to the bulk section of Winco         (www.wincofoods.com) and search for goodies in your color         palette and theme. Specialty candy stores/websites         (www.candydirect.com) and your local grocery store also         have wonderful selections.
    b. Paper and fabric accents make all the difference. Try using         fabric and paper backdrops. Gift-wrap, scrapbooking paper         and ribbon/fabric selections are seen throughout Amy’s         designs.
    c. Dishes and serving trays are your foundation. Start collecting         a variety of white serving dishes. You can’t go wrong with         these simple and elegant foundations.
    d. Give your table depth and interest by varying heights,         textures and adding fresh elements (including flowers,         foliage, twigs, moss, etc.)

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