Swimsuit Colors For Your Coloring

Get ready to sport that summer swimsuit with confidence! While there are a
lot of things to consider when buying a swimsuit, but one thing can make a
bigger difference than you might think – color is key! Studio 5 Beauty &
Style Contributor Holly Stone shows how picking the right color for your
skin tone does make a difference!

Of all the things to consider when selecting a swimsuit, the color should be
the easiest. To choose the color of suit that will look most flattering on
you, you must first determine which color temperature (warm or cool) is
most dominant in your personal coloring. Your personal coloring is made
up of your eye color, your hair color and your skin tone. For the most
general identification of warm colors, think a Harvest or Thanksgiving
table. For a general identification of cool colors, think an Easter Egg hunt.
The 2 traits most dominant for a color temperature will indicate the most
flattering colors to compliment your personal coloring. This is not a bad vs.
good choice but rather a good vs. better choice. Experiment, play, have
fun. And feel one step closer to “swimsuit confident” in a color that reflects
a harmonious you.

Holly’s favorite stops for swimsuits are:

Wide variety of one piece suits – Nordstrom.com
Great selection of Miracle Suit – Dilliards
Resonable prices- JC Penney & Macys

Plus size – swimsuitsforall.com
Broad selection – venus.com
Designer – theorchidboutique.com

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