Tabletop Trends of 2010

Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Ideas Contributor Alisa Bangerter brings to life three of the hottest tabletop trends for 2010.

According the online site Gourmet Retailer, the three most influential trends in tabletop for 2010 are: updated neutrals, bright shots of color and layered looks. Have fun incorporating these trends into your own table settings by using some of the following ideas.

Updated Neutrals

When you think of neutral colors do you think of brown, black and beige? Well throw out your old way of thinking and consider neutrals in an updated fashion. Neutrals can be any color as long as they are more muted and not so vibrant. More muted colors can be paired with many other neutrals or even more vibrant colors to give fun new looks. The goal is to have neutrals blend in and not stand out themselves as the focus on your table. Nature is a great place to look for inspiration and patterns that can be mixed in with neutrals. Think of leaves, grass, bamboo, etc. as these simple motifs often look great when paired with trendy neutral colors. Fun centerpieces and table décor can be made inexpensively by using items form nature. Simply adding a bundle of twigs as a centerpiece or sand in a vase can coordinate with this trend. Neutrals are great for layering as well and are a wise investment as far as dinnerware because they are a trend that lasts for a long time. Also as a tip, if you decorate your table completely or mainly with neutrals the food can often be the focus and add the texture and interest.

Bright Shots of Color

Make your tabletop pop by adding bright colors. Think of bright colors inspired by nature such as flowers, the sky, plants, etc. Bright colors can be the dishes themselves or bright motifs or accessories. To create this fun trend it is not necessary to have complete sets of bright dishes. By adding one simple serving piece or by bringing color in with table linens, the same effect can be created. This is my favorite trend because I enjoy mixing unique color combinations for a “wow” factor. Think out-of-the-box as far as pairing colors. Try orange and teal or grass green and bright yellow. Tables decorated using monochromatic color – shades of the same bright color – can make decor whimsical or elegant. I really like adding a color pop with neutral dishes as well. For example adding a pop of bright yellow to a black and white theme can be stunning.

Layered Looks

Layering is a technique that adds visual interest and texture to a table setting. I do a lot of this when I set tables for parties or even for daily meals. It is simple but adds so much. Dishes themselves can be layered using bright colors or neutrals. Layering different shapes of dishes together is also key to this look. Mix squares with rounds, large dishes with small, dishes that are different heights, etc. Remember to layer the centerpieces and serving dishes as well. Stack several pieces together when serving, for example, place smaller bowls in a larger bowl or on a tray. Place and stack items on different levels to create an even more stunning display. Layering items with different textures also can create unique looks. Try layering glass, wood, melamine, metal, plastics, porcelains, etc. Layering also reaches to the table linens, placemats, napkins, etc. This trend is one that a lot of creativity can be put into. Remember each place setting can be different and a variety of different but coordinating dishes can be used on the table to create a well put together overall look. I also like the trend that formal patterns and motifs that were in the past small are being enlarged to create a more casual but still comfortable look. Patterns such as damask, scrolls, swirls, dots, etc. are great when layering with solid colors. And don’t forget that basic white dinnerware is a great item to use in layering and will probably never go out of style.

Remember that beautiful tables can be created with items you already have. Create tabletop trends by mixing and matching or simply adding a few inexpensive pieces. Be creative in pairing colors, textures, shapes, etc. together. A great place to find tableware at inexpensive prices are thrift or consignment type stores, yard sales, or even discount type retail stores.


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