Tag It: Crafting With Tags

Many of you probably have stacks of tags in your craft stash. But forget
about only using those tags for simple gift wrap, or scrapbooking.

Studio 5 Contributor Amy Twitty shares 3 DIY home décor projects you can
tackle using tags!

#1 – Tags to remember!

As parents we often forget the simple statistics, information, funny
moments our children do as they grow up. I have taken an old crib spring
(trust me it sounds ridiculous but it’s adorable) and you can use it as a
decoration piece in a kids room. I used an old spring from a crib set we
had, but you can also purchase them at thrift stores or online. I spray
painted mine but you could even leave the color that it comes in if you
prefer. And you simply attach tags to the springs with simple bits of
information about the child. Example – weight, length, date of when they
first walked, or first words, etc.

#2 – Time saver Tags

Do you have a hard time coming up with what to have for dinner? Here is a
simple idea to save yourself the headache of meal planning. List all the
family favorites including side dishes and desserts on a simple tag. With a
quick clip of your tags you can plan out your weekly menu and save
yourself some time. The tags are decorated and placed on a canvas board
for easy placement on a wall. You could even let your kids plan out the
weekly menu by letting them choose the tags!!

#3 – Trash to tags!

Lots of scrapbookers have tags galore and this is a easy way to organize
them by theme and a decorative piece to hang in your craft room. I made a
simple board to organize your tags. I purchased a scrap piece of wood from
Home Depot for $4 painted it with crafter’s paint and simply nailed some
small nails in for storage of all your birthday, gift, anniversary, Christmas

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