Take 5: Jessica Bennett answers your thoughtful questions

Each month, we invite a well-known, influential woman to take, and answer, five questions from our “Take 5” jar. It is filled with thoughtful, viewer-submitted questions – the kind of questions you would ask a good girlfriend if you wanted to get to know her better.

Our Take 5 guest this January is just that: a good girlfriend with a good eye, and she is a woman many people respect.


Get to Know Jessica Bennett

Jessica Bennett is the owner and design principal of Alice Lane, a luxury home design company based out of Salt Lake City. She is co-host of the top-rated interior design podcast, “Dear Alice”. Her opinions shape the way our homes look and how they feel from the second your feet hit the carpet each morning to the moment you turn out the lamp at night. Jessica is mom to two daughters and has been married to her sweetheart Adam for 26 years.

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