Take 5: Learn a little more about Rebecca Cressman

Life is busy. Life moves fast. And it’s all too easy to hang out on the surface. But we’re carving out time to really talk – to ask the questions we often avoid in pursuit of a deeper connection. It’s a series called “Take 5,” and it’s off to a really fun start.

We asked Studio 5 viewers to fill up our question jar with the kind of topics that will take us a little deeper. Our guests will bravely draw out 5 questions, on the spot, and the conversation spins out from there.

One of those special guests is a woman who has appropriately been described as “walking sunshine.” You hear her warmth through the airwaves every weekday on FM100.3. Rebecca Cressman is the kind of woman everyone wants on their team. A public advocate for women’s health, after her own battle with breast cancer, Rebecca is compassionate, empathetic, and kind to the core. She’s a wife and a proud boy mom – a new grandma, too.

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