Take 5: Shara Park answers some leveled up get-to-know-you questions

We believe in the power of connection – especially between women. When you can click or bond with another female on a personal level, you’re both better because of it. All this week, we’re peeling back the surface layers and getting to know women we look up to and admire…a little bit better! It’s a fun, chatty series called “Take 5.” Studio 5 viewers and guests submitted questions they think would help forge a deeper friendship. Our guests will “Take 5”, and answer those 5 questions on the spot.

This special guest is someone we know and love. We wake up to her every morning on KSL Today. Shara Park is a reporter and an anchor, she’s also a wife and mother. A former college athlete, I’d call Shara a “get it” girl. Her ambition and passion lead out in everything she does. And while she’s pretty open about the reality of real life as a working mom, we’re excited to put her on the spot and learn even more about who she is, and what makes her go.

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