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Take on the court with some new pickleball gear! 8 products that will up your game

New pickleball gear is here!

Pickleball is certainly big here in Utah, and with all the big hype, there’s been an explosion of cool products launched – all to get you court ready!

Studio 5 Trend Tracker Mindy Dunyon shares products to get you game ready.


Pickleball Gear Shopping Guide


saltedcitysports.com, $79


georgieandlou.com, $136 – $156


Pool Play Collared Athleisure Dress, $44

Volley Athleisure Skirt, $32

Textured Crop Tank, $18

Nice Set Up Tee Shirt, $34

The Sav Shorts, $31.99

The Pickleball French Terry Shorts, $24.99

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