Tanya’s Top Five Running Finds

Tanya Boyer, publisher of Rocky Mountain Running & Triathlon Magazine, shares her favorite running thrills and frills.

#1 – NIKE Pacer Running Skirt

Running skirts are everywhere nowadays, but I especially love this particular little number. The Pacer skirt is very flattering and complimentary -many ladies look fit and fabulous when wearing it. Although I have read some reviews with complaints about the fit and the too-short length of the inner compression shorts, I have been 100% happy with this skirt. It doesn’t ride up, but stays perfectly in place. It’s made of a DriFIT fabric with split side seams to manage moisture and stay very comfortable on the run. Other features include a media player pocket and back zip pocket for your gels, keys, or ID. This skirt will definitely give you that little extra push to get up the last hill!

www.nikestore.com; MSRP: $45

#2 – Fuel Belt Sprint Palm Holder

This handheld water bottle is not a new product, but something new runners should know about. During these hot summer months it’s especially important to stay hydrated while running. Sometimes I want to run where there is no water stop, and dropping water bottles before the run can be a hassle. The bouncing and sloshing of waist belt water bottles also drives me crazy. So, for shorter runs, those under10 miles, the Palm Holder is a great hydration piece. Fill it with 10 oz of water or Gatorade and drink about 1 oz every 15 minutes, or wash down any energy gels or electrolyte tablets. The bottle and holder are ergonomically shaped to sit in the palm of your hand so you can run without gripping the bottle. The holder also includes a zipper pocket for those gels and electrolyte tablets, or cash and keys.

www.fuelbelt.com; MSRP: $11.95

#3 – SOLEUS 10K Wrist Watch

Although I think that anyone who has made running a regular part of their life needs a GPS watch for distance, time and pace – like the Garmin series – the SOLEUS 10K is a good starter and even a good companion with a price point of only $55 (compared to $250 starter for GPS watches). As the description says on the SOLEUS website, this watch is for ladies who run for a “recreational sport, and engage in it for fitness and life balance.” It’s very simple and lightweight, something the GPS watch is not. The screen is very easy to view – SOLEUS touts it asthe largest viewing area on the market – without bulk. I like to take it to the track for intervals because I know the distance I’ll be running, and only need a lap memory and interval timer. Other days I don’t want to track mileage or pace, I just need to know how long I’ve been out and only need the pure simplicity of the time elapsed function.Other features include: sweat proof PU, 30 lap memory, 5 interval timers, 2 alarms, 5 ATM water resistance, convertible display. The 10K comes in a variety of colors, my favorite being the dark pink.

www.soleusrunning.com; MSRP: $55

#4 – Finis Tempo Trainer

This little gadget could be better than a coach running right by your side. Originally made as a pace tool for swimming, the Tempo Trainer is a great way to regulate your pace for an entire run, and teach your body consistency as you develop a good rhythm.An audible beep can be set to a variety of speeds, to which you will then match your steps, and train your muscles to fire at a certain rate. There is much focus on good form lately in the running world, with runners being taught to have a short and fast cadence, or foot strike. The Trainer will help you practice this faster turnover with a shorter stride. This doesn’t mean you need to increase your mile per minute pace, in fact your overall pace may be a bit slower to begin, it just means you will be running a higher cadence at a lower intensity. The constant beep of the Trainer will keep you on pace. Seasoned runners also like to use the Tempo Trainer for hills and interval workouts.

www.finisinc.com; MRSP: $39.99

#5 – Zeal Optics Sustain or Dignity Sunglasses

Zeal makes the greatest women’s specific sunglasses that I have worn. While I definitely prefer the price tag on a cheaper pair of sunglasses, my eyes love the feel and fit of quality. I also don’t enjoy spending a lot on sunglasses that are just going to get sweaty during a run. However, my main goal on a run is to stay comfortable. I’ve often had a “sunglass headache” from straining to see through sub-par lenses or wearing glasses that didn’t fit right. All Zeal products come with polarized lenses that make the vision and clarity so great. 99% of glare from water, snow, sand and pavement is reduced, letting you see the details you strained to see before. The lenses also prove 100% UVA/UVB protection – very important for outdoor running. Both the Sustain and Dignity glasses have silicone nose pads and temple end grips for a secure fit that will not slip during sweaty exercise. The nose pads can be reversed for an even snugger fit. Ladies will love the colors and patterns of the Zeal line-up.

www.zealoptics.com; MSRP: $99

Tanya Boyer is the publisher of Rocky Mountain Running & Triathlon Magazine. Her main job, however, is that of mommy to three young children and wife to the most patient man in the world. Running and triathlon are her way of staying young and mobile.

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